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Hello, And welcome to FarOut We are a fairly new company looking to grow throughout the states. Rite now we are looking for team riders willing to advertise our products on video's and compotitions. If you think were competeing with the big company's such as Plan-B, or Almost, Then you should click the X on the rite upper corner or your screen.

Our goal is for you "The Skater" to have a sponsor backing you up. Anything from broken boards to competitions. Also being sponsored by this fastly growing company you will get your name out there. This website receives almost 500 views a day most of those views are people from the skateing community

                       WHAT'S NEW?

Users will now be able to E-Mail us who's video they think should win the video of the week contest. Click here to vote now.

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Video Winner Of The Week

 Congrats to Nathan Howe, He has won the video of the week contest. Considering this is our first week of the website we only received 35 video entries. He will be receiving a Far Out T-shirt

Weekly Video Winners:
Every week we will be holding a "Weekly Video Winners" entry. Skaters from around the country will be eligible to win a T-shirt and there video will be posted here on the FarOut website, Our myspace, And our youtube account. There is no better way to make yourself known.

If you win the video of the week competition this does NOT mean you have become sponsored by FarOut skateboards. FarOut sponsors will be listed here.


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Far Out skateboards. Apply for a sponsorship today, Free/discounted boards will be given to our sponsors Bi monthly.